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OUTTA SPACE VOL.2 (Preset Pack) Contains 19 Uniquely-Crafted FX Chains for FL Studio

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Billboard #1 Producer T9C’s OUTTA SPACE VOL.2 Contains 19 FX Chains Used For

  • Mastering

  • Melody Creation (Bells, Piano, Guitar, Rhodes, Chordal Instruments)

  • Accent Enhancement and Ambience Creation

  • Drums/Percs



All .FST Files can be instantly dragged and dropped into FL Studio for Instant Use to help get that sound you want, and need.

NOTE: All Files in OUTTA SPACE VOL.2 were Created Using FL Studio Version (20.9)



All Presets can still be loaded as long as the user has the required plugins needed for the chain (SEE FX LIST BELOW)

The List Of Plugins Used In Within OUTTA SPACE VOL.2

-Brauer Motion Stereo
-Effect Rack
-Fruity Compressor
-Fruity Filter
-Fruity Reverb 2
-Fruity Parametric EQ
-Fruity Soft Clipper
-Fruity Delay 3
-Fruity Parametric EQ 2
-Fruity Limiter
-Gross Beat (FL Studio Native Plugin)
-Guitar Rig 6
-H910-Harmonizer (Waves)
-Little Alter Boy (Soundtoys)
-Magic Switch
-Ozone 9 Imager
-RC-20 Retro Color
-R-Compressor (Waves)
-Shaperbox 2
-T-Racks ~ TR5 Classic Clipper
-TAL-Reverb 2
-Valhalla Vintage Verb
-Valhalla Super Massive
-Youlean Loudness Meter 2

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